When was the last time you evaluated how your business operates? Or questioned your company culture, internal processes and stakeholder communications?

When was the last time you looked – and we mean really looked – at how your business performs and, from there, implemented new and transformative changes to drive growth?

Technology is now moving at an accelerating rate and has fundamentally changed how we as society live, work and communicate. This, combined with growing customer demands, means businesses are struggling to keep pace, with many failing to understand and incorporate even the most simplistic of tech solutions to increase internal efficiencies and create meaningful change.

This change, however, doesn’t come from technology, it comes from people. The business leader, their senior management and wider team of employees, who know what the company was built for and what it should deliver. It comes from taking the time to analyse the root cause of each negative business symptom, to then develop a strategic plan that really works. A plan that businesses can use, follow and understand.

Andrew Kemp - Transformation Director, Manchester Met University

"Equantiis came to us with a proven way of working, a methodology which challenged our way of thinking and equipped our team to be able to think differently and deliver our outcomes successfully. The fact that they remain a key partner into our transformation program is testament to their skills and expertise"


What makes us different

At Equantiis, we think differently. We question everything to resolve your complex business challenges with cost certainty and transformative outcomes.

  • Work closely with all our clients, prioritising open collaboration and honest communication.
  • Engage through accessible visuals rather than long, bloated documents.
  • Work as a fixed deliverable at an agreed price & deliver 100% truly independent advice.


Video Case Study – How UEL Automated Their Admissions

“"The most dangerous phrase in the language is 'we've always done it this way"”

- Rear Admiral Grace Hopper


At Equantiis we thrive on resolving your complex business challenges with cost certainty and transformative outcomes.

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