The Challenge


Equantiis was approached by BASC who thought they needed a new CRM as their current one, 15 years down the line, was coming to the end of its life.

BASC had a year to replace the current CRM system due to the existing one being incumbent by the existing supplier. However, not convinced BASC just needed a new CRM Equantiis worked to unpick the root cause of the real problem BASC were facing. In order for BASC to achieve such ambitious targets Equantiis had to delve deep into the operations of the business to understand what exactly was going wrong, whilst helping BASC understand this was more than just a technology project – it needed a member focussed approach.

Equantiis discovered that BASC’s business systems had fallen short of requirements and had therefore failed to meet all of BASC’s business objectives. This resulted in lengthy, manual processes, a complete lack of trust in data and forecasting, which in turn delayed any key business decisions.


What we did

Equantiis helped BASC recognise that technology was only part of the problem and that a business transformation, rather than just a new CRM, was the way to reach its goals.

After challenging the team, Equantiis discovered there was a huge lack of understanding surrounding the members and we had help BASC unpick their members before looking at technology.

Green Dot

We built a plan that focussed on the unmet needs of the members, which was guided through activities which would give them the insight into their current and prospective members.

By understanding member needs, wants and behaviours, along with the journey they’re currently experiencing, Equantiis was able to identify various areas for improvement and how technology could help.

  • Project vision and principles for benefits realisation
  • Membership experience optimisation
  • Process discovery to evaluate complex processes to re-engineer and automate
  • Requirements gathering
  • Pre-market engagement to support a business case for replacement technology

Building a member centric digital first strategy to overcome issues and meet targets

Customer Experience mapping

Developing organisational personas and building task maps of key areas that members experience to highlight the touchpoints in the member journey. Each touchpoint was awarded an emotional score to highlight where members were having positive and negative experiences, and where issues were highlighted, Equantiis were able to pinpoint the system and process that was impacting the negative experience for the member. This insight provided a good overview of the challenges for the members and root cause which would then be factored into any technology change.

Business process discovery

Discovering the processes in each department helped us identify where improvements could be made. It was crucial to understand how the departments worked, why they worked in the way they did, the desired outcomes, effort required, and systems involved. This information was then input into our efficiency calculator to identify exactly where there were opportunities for improvement.

Requirements gathering – a postcard from the future

To really tease out how we could help the organisation going forward, we met with all business functions to interview various stakeholders and gather requirements for user stories, focusing solely on the future. With this knowledge, we built the digital strategy that set the context of the challenges and objectives.

Break Barriers
Fast-tracking procurement - 3 months to 5 weeks.

As a pivotal part of the process, we carried out an independent procurement process under an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) framework for a replacement CRM system and membership portal that allowed BASC to contact successfully to a fixed price implementation. It had to be completed at pace, and so we delivered this in a short 5 weeks.


Long lasting results

BASC now have the knowledge they so urgently needed of the membership base, and a member centric strategy of which BASC can continue making changes that make a real difference to the overall membership experience.

They have better use of data and can now break down the walls between siloed departments, meaning productivity is at an all-time high. It has built the foundations of which to build a strong, prosperous future for BASC.

Equantiis has acted as an extension of our own team, an exceptional strategic partner and have been a pleasure to work with. Equantiis has truly guided us through a large transformational programme and challenged our thinking bringing their expertise of the membership sector. This transformation will not only help staff work more effectively and efficiently but has put customer at the heart of everything we do as we continue to grow and shape the future of BASC, sporting shooting and conservation.

Angela Davies Executive Director of Business Management


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