The Challenge

ECA Business Challenge

ECA was under the impression they needed to replace their core business systems across all functions of the organisation to see the results they wanted.

However, upon engaging with Equantiis, we challenged their team as to why they were focusing on technology first and foremost, and soon unearthed that the business wasn’t operating in the most efficient way. This had a significant impact on membership services and ultimately profitability.


What we did

For our clients, our core goal is to ensure they understand why they’re undertaking a technology project. The reason being is because most of the time, the technology isn’t to blame for the challenges faced by an organisation.

After challenging the team, there was a huge lack of understanding with regards to the members and we had to rectify this immediately before looking at technology.

Green Dot

By understanding member needs, wants and behaviours, along with the journey they’re currently experiencing, Equantiis was able to identify various areas for improvement and how technology could help.

  • Project vision and principles for benefits realisation
  • Membership experience optimisation
  • Process discovery to evaluate complex processes to re-engineer and automate
  • Requirements gathering
  • Pre-market engagement to support a business case for replacement technology

Long lasting results

Equantiis helped ECA realise that technology is only ever part of the problem. Working with the internal team at ECA, we helped them gain a thorough understanding of who their members were and the overall membership journey to highlight areas for improvement across all business functions.

We showed the teams across the business where there were opportunities to do things differently, and do things better, and how important support from the executive team is when undertaking a digital transformation.

Not only did we help ECA transform their member experience, we helped them transform their ways of working internally and helped them gain a fresh perspective on how they operate now and they should operate in the future.

"We were challenged to put our members at the heart of the project, and rightly so. We’ve adopted question everything as our own phrase now!"

Daniel BaileyHead of Marketing, Communications & Digital Transformation

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