The Challenge

IOD Member

The IoD was experiencing a decline in memberships and members felt they weren’t being serviced as well as they should be.

The board was finding it impossible to make informed decisions due to it being incredibly difficult to extract and read any data from various systems. The data they did manage to extract wasn’t accurate and didn’t provide the meaningful insight they so desperately needed to steer decision making. When decisions were finally made, they were ineffective and ill-informed because the company didn’t know what their members were doing, or what value a member obtained from the institute.

The impact the lack of insight had on the rest of the organisation was significant. Nobody truly understood how the member was interacting with the institute and so, they couldn’t develop a strong strategy on how to keep members engaged and develop the services they wanted and needed.


What we did

We worked with the IoD to realise the power the data held for the institute to develop a strong data strategy. Yet, harnessing the data effectively isn’t enough on its own to see success. To fully benefit from the data itself, it’s imperative the right questions are being asked. The challenge the IoD had was that they didn’t know what questions they should be asking.

To overcome this hurdle, we used our ‘postcard from the future’ framework to uncover the art of the possible. Using this methodology, we identified how data could be ethically used to drive rich commercial opportunities and drastically enhance the member experience. This fundamentally enables us to ask the right questions, focusing on the future goals of the organisation and how we can achieve them via data science.

Green Dot

Equantiis examined the current experience to identify trigger points where we needed to improve the communications to re-engage members. Some members hadn’t attended an event in the last 4 months, and so we needed to intervene with communications to those members in order to cross-sell, up-sell and ultimately, re-engage them.

We unpicked the current strategy and the ways of working to transform the thinking process of the team.

  • Digital strategy maturity assessment
  • Examine where the technology estate is currently
  • Identify how systems should be aligned to make data widely available
  • Where there are opportunities for change
  • Identify where technology can be leveraged
ISCA Future proof

Long lasting results

Via the work Equantiis carried out, the IoD had a crystal-clear vision on where they needed to improve as data touchpoints were uncovered and analysed.

We guided the institute on asking the right questions form the data so in future, they knew how they should be tackling data analysis to deliver against the overarching goals of the business.

The institute is no longer in limbo with data and they’re asking the right questions that are delivering the rich insight. This was paramount to improving the experience and delivering the services members wanted.

Equantiis built a long-term roadmap for the technical architecture so the institute could take matters into their own hands and understand how and which systems to integrate, so data could be harnessed efficiently and accurately going forward.

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