The Challenge

Donor Challenge

Recruiting donors takes a lot of time and effort and retaining them is crucial to the success of the organisation.

One of the biggest challenges we see with not-for-profit organisations is the ability to communicate effectively with prospective and current donors. It’s critical for these organisations to understand who their target audience is, and work at engaging lapsed donors. The cost of replacing lost donors with new donors has increased to a level that is no longer affordable for many non-profits.


What we do

We’ll help you craft a donor engagement plan first and foremost by helping you understand your donors. To recruit and retain donors, understanding their needs and wants is critical to speaking their language and drive engagement. Through experience analysis, we’re able to uncover the pitfalls within the organisation, and how this has a detrimental impact on donor engagement.

Green Dot

Digging deep into understanding donors is pivotal to a successful donor engagement strategy.

  • Develop organisational personas – who are the donors? What are their needs? What are their unmet needs?
  • User interviews with donors to understand what exactly they want
  • Customer experience mapping and touchpoint analysis with emotional scoring
  • Identifying the right tools and technology to deliver exactly what the donors want
  • Digital strategy
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


By starting with understanding the donors themselves, we’re able to get into their shoes and understand what triggers them, what they’re trying to do, and how we can make this better internally within the organisation.

We help our clients shift their mindset. Breaking down silos across departments to better utilise the data collected is essential for understanding how donors are interacting with the organisation, and where engagement is trailing off. By analysing the experience in this way, we’re able to get to the root causes of the problems and identify the right tools and technology to combat these issues. A robust digital strategy can then be built from a thorough understanding of the donor, placing them at the centre of everything the organisation does.


The impact it has


of users who engage with non-profits via social media end up taking action to support that non-profit

An organisation who truly understands their audience is an organisation who will recruit new donors, stay relevant to current donors, and re-engage lapsed ones.

Not only will your team understand the donor’s needs and unmet needs, but the work we carry out helps the organisation experience a cultural shift of working together and more efficiently. Ultimately, driving change internally has a huge impact on the overall donor experience.

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