The Challenge

CLA Digital

CLA’s core systems faced incompatibilities and the organisation couldn’t make the necessary upgrades it so desperately needed. Built on a foundation of manual operating processes, the platform was draining time and effort, and was fundamentally stopping the organisation from reaching its business aspirations.

For such digital initiatives, it’s imperative a robust digital strategy is built from a thorough understanding of the customer, what they’re trying to achieve, and the current experience.­­ So, we had to make sure the team at CLA understood the areas for improvement and how it benefitted both the business and the customer.


What we did

Equantiis worked alongside the team at CLA to gather valuable insight into the existing customer experience to uncover areas of improvement that are essential parts to the digital strategy.

Green Dot
  • Used our proven Digital First Framework to gather customer insight
  • Uncovered areas for improvement from customer perspectives
  • Business process analysis to detail which processes could be re-engineered or automated
  • Facilitated several workshops for a collaborative approach and knowledge sharing
  • Requirements gathering for underlying technology

By thoroughly unpicking the current way of working, it became clear where attention was needed first and foremost to deliver the most value. The framework used for CLA ensured all the fundamentals (people, processes, and technology) had been considered before any significant investment was made.

Without considering these fundamentals, CLA wouldn’t have been able to make informed decisions and as such, any large investments made could have gone to waste.


Long lasting results

Equantiis provided CLA with a clear overview of their current customer experience, the underlying business processes, and new technology requirements.

Armed with this information and knowledge, the team at CLA were well equipped to go to market and procure the right technology solutions that would help them meet their future business goals.The work provided a strong foundation for CLA to take the transformation into their own hands and ensure any technology partners understood exactly what they needed to deliver against.

"Equantiis have enabled the CLA to really understand our customer and what it is like to deal with us. This knowledge allowed us to define our digital transformation based on customer and business requirements, [and] not from technology functionality. The process was engaging, insightful and has started a foundation for a successful change within the organisation".
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