The Challenge

ISCA Future proof

ICSA wanted to grow its membership and service offering. Yet, we knew focusing on technology alone would significantly limit their vision and such investment could go to waste. It was our duty to challenge the way they were approaching this project as technology is rarely the only cause for the challenges faced.

We undertook a business review of their IT infrastructure and it soon became apparent that business functions were siloed with information stored departmentally, and manual offline processes were causing severe inefficiencies. This highlighted to the team at ICSA that there was no shared vision, and that the member experience is disjointed and inefficient – not the desired approach to recruit and retain members…


What we did

Siloed business functions, scattered data, and inefficient processes were only part of the problem. Central to the challenges ICSA faced was that they didn’t understand their members or students or how best to serve them. We showed them that by putting their customer at the heart of everything they did, we would quickly uncover the processes and technology that would enable them to reach their acquisition and retention goals.

Green Dot
  • Vision and principles defined
  • Customer personas developed and validated
  • Customer experience mapping with touchpoint analysis and emotional scores
  • Pros and cons of the current experience highlighted
  • Process discovery
  • Procurement exercise

A true representation of how this was not just ‘another IT project’

MMU Automate
Process discovery

This helped the team at ICSA understand that this project was not an IT project, but it was organisation-wide and required a cultural change to enhance the customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

We are Equantiis
Vision and principles defined

Vision and principles guide the overall strategy to make sure everyone was working to the same shared goals. We helped ICSA define where they are now and where they wanted to be.

MMU Delivery times
Member personas developed

Defined, created and validated with real members, personas help to keep the member at the centre of all initiatives, and help the team truly understand who their members are, what they need, and what they want.

BASC Broken
Customer experience mapping

Customer experience mapping helped us define where the setbacks were in the current journey to find a solution that enhances the customer experience. Pros and cons of the current experience were highlighted and analysed to help influence where changes needed to be made within the organisation.


Long lasting results

Working with ICSA, we coached the team to show them that technology is part of a wider problem and that by focusing on technology alone could be a bad investment.

We built a digital first strategy that was underpinned by the institute’s objectives for growth, operational efficiency, and to deliver an unrivalled customer experience. The digital first strategy and roadmap are the platforms for real, meaningful change within the institute and will guide them well into the future on their journey to being a digital-first institute.

"Our work with Equantiis began with the technology but took flight through their forensic exploration of member and student experience. This has helped to bring our growth strategy to life and created a technical road map that puts customer experience at the heart of everything we do. Throughout our discovery and planning work, Equantiis has been an outstanding strategic partner and wise critical friend".

Sara DrakeCEO, ICSA: The Chartered Governance Institute


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