The Challenge

Art Fund as a charity collects a vast array of data through multiple touchpoints. However, accessing this data was not straight forward and this was hampering their efforts to be a data driven organisation.

A recent CRM implementation had also made data access harder and data had not received the same degree of focus and investment as had technology platforms. 

This highlighted the need for a review of data at The Art Fund, with the aim of developing a strategic data capability and growing an increasing awareness and understanding of data right across the organisation. 

Ultimately Art Fund wanted to be able to access quality data to make better decisions leading to greater impact.


What we did

Equantiis developed an approach to develop a data strategy based on its proven strategic data framework. Initial work developed a detailed understanding of the key issues and a vision for the role of data at Art Fund. Equantiis facilitated a data maturity assessment through a survey and a senior stakeholder workshop which further highlighted priorities.

Green Dot

Detailed analysis of Art Fund’s data capabilities thorough a series of ‘data use case’ workshops identified the primary gaps across a range of dimensions including governance, data quality, technology and skills, and culture. This resulted in a portfolio of recommendations and a prioritised strategic approach and road-map.


The strategic role of data defined and aligned to the new Art Fund corporate strategic​.

A strategic approach and roadmap to developing a data capability with all key enablers clearly identified​.



Long lasting results

Detailed recommendations, prioritised and costed to underpin delivery planning​.

Cross organisation engagement and momentum for delivering the data strategy

“One of those great moments when the proposal aligned with the reality of then what happened. Equantiis were very good at spelling out a process at all levels of the organisation which was clear but felt creative by allowing good conversations and unearthing key issues by using different tools and techniques”

Carolyn YoungDirector of Marketing & Membership