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Many membership organisations have a whole host of legacy systems that aren’t efficient and don’t communicate. This is a huge hurdle for those organisations with big growth aspirations, and so, moving their technology estate to the cloud can remove that hurdle from many perspectives.

The issue with legacy systems that aren’t cloud based cause issues for both staff and members alike. Moving the technology estate to the cloud helps to deliver a robust foundation for staff to serve members securely online, which in turn provides a better member experience that is 24/7.


What we do

Moving your organisation to the cloud is no small task and requires in depth analysis of legacy systems to identify the right way forward. However, before jumping the gun and going straight to the technology, it’s essential that business objectives are defined first and foremost. The business strategy must underpin the technology strategy.

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We will work to understand your business objectives and how we can leverage the cloud to make these happen

  • Vision and principles defined
  • Business strategy defined
  • Technical roadmap developed
  • Procurement
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How we deliver it

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As always, we’ll always question our clients as to why they want to do something. Moving a business to the cloud brings many benefits, however it’s still important to understand the exact reasoning and how this aligns with the overall business objectives.

We will challenge the team and thoroughly analyse the systems involved to build out a technical roadmap that aligns with the business’ aspirations. Moving an organisation to the cloud is a journey; it takes time and consideration, and we work with our clients throughout to ensure everything remains on track, and the right decisions are made at the right time. We look down every avenue with the team to highlight how we can achieve a cloud-based environment, whether that’s opting for a SaaS-based structure, or hosting the infrastructure themselves.


The impact it has


agree that the main reason for moving their computing to the cloud is cost-cutting initiative (Datometry)

By moving systems to the cloud, the organisation benefits from a robust technology platform with all services being available 24/7.

Yet one of the biggest benefits organisations sees from moving applications to the cloud is the ability to easily and rapidly scale up and down according to the natural peaks and troughs throughout the trading year. This has a huge positive impact on profitability enabling the organisation to be agile, rapidly react and consolidate to cut costs. A company that moves its technology estate to the cloud always remains in control and the need for replacing costly hardware every three years is no longer a consideration.

A survey among 166 IT leaders shows there are various reasons why enterprises might move their computing to the cloud. The top one, with 61%, is the companies’ cost-cutting initiative. (Datometry)

Reducing costs and improving business efficiency via a mammoth cloud-first infrastructure strategy.

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