Life at Equantiis

Life at Equantiis


In our world, there is no 9-5.  We aren’t clock watchers because we only focus on one thing – working together as a team to deliver the desired outcome and best value to our clients.

This means sometimes we must work in an unstructured way to achieve that, and by the nature of this culture, it requires us to think constantly and change direction of travel if needed.

This requires people to work in a fast-paced environment to reach that end goal and as a team we commit to always being comfortable with that.

We can only achieve this by a shared common approach.

Get s#!t done and don’t stop until you’re proud!


Why work for us



We challenge the traditional methods of consulting and that includes how we operate ourselves.  Staff are given autonomy to work towards an agreed outcome and equipped with the right tools and resources to deliver this successfully.

  1. We are fast paced; this allows us to bring excitement and new challenges each day.
  2. We live by our values. These aren’t there for marketing, every member of the team has to demonstrate how they have used these values in how we deliver our work and act as a team.
  3. You have an active role within the business. If you think something isn’t right – say so!  If you think of a new idea that will bring value to our clients – tell us.  You have it within your power to make a difference and #questioneverything in order to deliver the best outcome. 

Strength in Equality and Diversity

We are always looking for the best talent to join in achieving our goal and we do this with no bias.

In fact, we are proud of our team that demonstrates a good representation from all backgrounds regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual preference.

We are a combination of consultants, industry experts and new talent hungry to make a positive impact to our clients and wider community.    

Together we come as one, to help our clients deliver the best possible customer experience in the most operational efficient way. 


 “The work we do is transformational in it makes a real difference to our clients and to their customers, so at the end of a project there’s a real sense of achievement. No project is the same, no two days are the same, and the variety is refreshing and motivating.”

Janine Chasmer, Executive Consultant

Career opportunities

We operate a simple 4 grade structure with a clear career progression path supported by a training and mentoring program for you to achieve your career ambitions.


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The Principal Consultant forms part of the Senior Leadership Team and helps steer the direction of the business as well as have responsibility for day to day operations.  You will be sector focused and responsible for business development and overall responsibility for project delivery whilst maintaining client relationships and mentoring your team.

Managing Consultant

The Managing consultant is responsible for line management, project delivery and business development with a revenue generating target.  You will have an active role in mentoring the team to bring out the best in them.

Executive Consultant

Executive consultants work across multiple sectors and are experienced in delivering a number of our key product sets.  You will have responsibility for supporting presales and account management.  There is opportunity to take up specific roles within, product development or team leader.  Projects are varied and at times you will need to lead the engagement under your own accord delivering project governance.

Associate Consultant

Associate consultants support the team in helping with client and market research, delivering project governance, client communication, supporting workshops and project delivery.
Managing Consultant
Executive Consultant
Associate Consultant
Within each grade, we offer specific roles which align to our long-term growth and supporting client needs.  These include;

Product Directors

In addition to the responsibility under the grade, this role will be responsible for the strategic vision of our products and services.  You will identify the unmet needs within the markets we operate and develop offerings that assist and bring value to our clients.

Product Managers

In addition to the responsibility under the grade, this role will support the Product Director in helping to develop, market, sell and support our growth from our product catalogue.

Team Leaders

In addition to the responsibility under the grade, this role is responsible for providing mentoring and day to day support to staff that will report into you.  This role is available from Exec grade upwards.
Product Directors
Product Managers
Team Leaders

We believe in promoting internally and have a clear training and performance management to help you grow in your career as a consultant.

The recruitment processes



If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, this is how you can become part of the team.

For us, recruitment is a two-way process.  You need to feel comfortable with the role, team and work you will be assigned just as much as we need to make sure you are a right fit for us.  We have invested heavily into our People & Culture strategy to ensure we recruit correctly but to also support and mentor team members through their journey at Equantiis.

First Step

Recruitment first starts online.  Every candidate must complete the online application process for the grade you are applying for.

Second Step

If your application has been successful, we will invite you for an initial chat to get to know you a bit more and for you to get to know us better also.

Third Step

Assessment time!  No right or wrong answers here, we want to see how your thinking works in certain situations and get to understand your skills in more detail with real life examples.

Fourth Step

If you passed the assessment, we will invite you for a formal presentation.  You will be given a specific problem statement of a client situation and ask you to present forward your recommendation and reasons why.

This is a chance to meet the leadership team, make an impression on why you feel you will make a good recruit for us and quiz us about the future of our business and what we have to offer you.

Fifth Step

The chemistry check!

If you got this far, we are ready to make an offer.  But before we do that, it’s important you meet some of the team members to understand exactly what life is like at Equantiis.

After this, and we both feel that we are right for each other, we will make an offer to be part of our team!




The process of bringing you into the business starts from the offer letter.  Once you have accepted, we will send through contracts and access to our training modules so you can start familiarising yourself with how we operate in order to be prepared for your first day.

You will be issued with your objectives that are agreed at offer stage and a 90 day plan to ensure you are equipped to succeed in your probation period.

Your first 30 days – be a Sponge

In your first 30 days, we want you to soak everything up.  There is a lot to take in but this will be a time to understand how we operate, shadow some projects and start your journey at Equantiis.

You will have access to the Equantiis Playbook, so you are familiar with our processes, systems, comms and general way of working.  In addition, you will also get dedicated 121 time with each member of staff to ensure you get to know your team better and can begin to fit in right away.

60 days in – be a contributor

By this time you should be able to articulate clearly on what we do, how we do it and the internal ways in which we work.  Your next 30 days is to make your mark and start showing us what you are about.

At 90 days – be part of the team

By now, you should know what its like to be part of the Equantiis team.  You will have formed relationships internally, be able to articulate our offering and services and have clearly demonstrated the behaviours that are core to the Equantiis DNA.

From then on

Let’s get cracking.  We will shadow you on projects to begin with during your initial 90 days, we will support you in understanding our ways of working, how we communicate, deliver client excellence so that you become a fully fledged member of the team.  We will check in on a regular basis to ensure you are supported and mentored sufficiently in order to succeed at your plan.


Where will our clients be based?

Our clients are located throughout the UK with some international presence also. As with any consulting role, you must be comfortable with traveling as and when the project requires.

What’s the training opportunities?

We have developed our own Equantiis academy.  The academy is designed for all levels of consultants to help develop and coach along their own career path.  This is a mixture of “on the job” coaching, classroom and e-learning. Time is dedicated for continual learning and your objectives will have a dedicated learning program that we agree upon.

What does a typical day look like at Equantiis?

You need to be prepared that there is no typical day.  We are a fast-paced organisation that sometimes may not have a structured way of doing something, but we get the desired outcome we need to.

How will I be trained when I first start?

We have the Equantiis playbook which is a live site that details exactly who our customers are, who the team is, what our systems are and how we work.  Consider this your single place of knowledge to find everything you need to know about life at Equantiis.

What do you mean by flexible working?

We aren’t clock watchers nor do we believe in micromanagement; we deliver outcomes to our clients and as part of your working habit you need to be committed to going above and beyond to meet those requirements.

We run a mixed working from home and working within the office environment and you can decide which suits you best.  You need to be present in core hours and use the technology provided to effectively collaborate with your colleagues.