The Challenge

EYA Siloed

EYA’s technical debt was at an all-time high with an under resourced IT department struggling to carry out routine tasks such as maintaining the site, hardware, and core business systems. Let alone develop these for improvement.

With a whole host of manual business processes and siloed business functions, staff were rinsing through time on low value tasks. The impact on the user experience was at a critical level; training and support services were taking a huge hit, just to maintain a basic level of what is deemed a ‘good’ customer experience.

EYA engaged Equantiis with a view they needed a new CRM, however, the deeper we looked, other problems surfaced.


What we did

We were sceptical from the start that a new CRM was the solution to the problems the EYA faced. We challenged them; we asked them why they needed a new CRM and through this questioning, we knew we had to provide a review of the business, technology requirements, and most importantly, the customer experience.

Green Dot
  • Vision and principles defined
  • Personas developed and validated with customers
  • Customer experience mapping including touchpoint analysis and emotional scoring
  • Identified opportunities for improvement
  • Gathered functional and technical requirements
  • Strong business cases developed

Supporting and coaching EYA to understand how they could reach their business goals with a digital strategy

A new CRM would never have fulfilled the goals of increasing membership acquisition and retention, supporter engagement, speed to market, and self-servicing customers solely on its own. As EYA’s trusted partner, it was our duty to ensure we coached the team and helped them understand and effectively communicate with their members.

Vision and principles defined

We helped EYA define their vision and principles which then acted as a “North Star” which guided the whole team and strategy. This was a crucial exercise to bring siloed teams together and ensure everyone worked towards the same goal.

Personas developed

Personas were crucial tools to bring together everyone in the team to understand exactly who the member was. Validated with real members, they provided rich and meaningful insight that heavily influenced how EYA approached the project with us.

Customer experience mapping

Using the personas, we mapped out the existing experience to highlight how members were feeling at every touchpoint along the journey. The map clearly highlights the areas that need attention and ensures everyone on the team understood where the business processes were falling down.

Benefits realisation

Project management

We project managed the whole digital strategy project so the team at EYA had the support and knowledge they needed to deliver a strategy that highlighted risks, constraints, benefits, indicative budgets, and the suggested next steps. The transformation roadmap is now understood across the business and is the catalyst for cultural and business change.


Long lasting results

We developed a roadmap for EYA to continue their digital transformation journey.

By challenging the team and pushing them hard, we helped them demystify muddy waters so they can make better, more informed decisions that are driven by their member needs.

Enquntiis encouraged EYA to be disruptive and challenged conventional thinking. The result is significant progress in expediting our digital transformation.

Neil Leitch CEO, The Early Years Alliance


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