The Challenge


Many not-for-profit organisations have a CRM that has been in place for many years. When it is coming to the end of its life, it’s natural to embark on a project for procuring and implementing a new CRM system.

When looking to replace a legacy CRM system, many organisations will pass this off as an IT project and won’t consider the processes behind it or how they could improve these processes first, then use the right technology in the best way to reach overarching aspirations.


What we do

Procuring and implanting a new CRM may seem like an IT initiative. However, it’s important to note that many business processes behind the current CRM may be outdated, manual and severely inefficient all to the detriment of the organisation.

Green Dot

We like to start from the very core. We understand you might need a new CRM, but we want to make sure you get the most out of the technology you invest in by analysing the underlying business processes.

  • Challenge the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ approach
  • Develop personas and validate these with customers
  • Customer experience mapping including touchpoint analysis and emotional scoring
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Gathering functional and technical requirements
  • Technical roadmaps
  • Procurement
  • System implementation
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


Behind every legacy system usually lies a whole host of outdated processes. We challenge our clients and push them hard to ensure we get the desired results.

We’ll challenge internal teams to find out how well they know their audience. By running a range of workshops and undertaking customer discovery activities, we provide not-for-profit organisations with the rich insight they need in order to make informed decisions. We work with a hands-on approach, coaching and guiding everyone involved in the project to demonstrate that technology projects are an organisation-wide piece.


The impact it has


of non-profits say they aren’t getting the most out of their donor data when it comes to crafting strategies

With this approach, not-for-profit organisations get the knowledge and know-how to start transforming the way the organisation operates, leading to increased efficiency and lower costs. What may initially seem like a straightforward CRM replacement project is often a catalyst for serious change.

Understanding the current experience is also important for the procurement process of a new CRM. We ensure internal teams understand exactly what they need from a new CRM provider, and the CRM providers can demonstrate how they can cater for the organisation’s needs.

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