The Challenge

SCoR urgently needed to improve the engagement of their members. Their website wasn’t delivering the desired results and consequently, the organisation had a disengaged member base, which impacted the overall growth and sustainability of the organisation. The website was out of date on support, and so, it needed rebuilding from the ground up.

This project was part of a wider ‘digital transformation’ organisational vision, which will last several years. Ultimately, this project aimed to improve the experience members had with the organisation and, in particular, the website.


What we did

We worked with the internal team to define the implantation and work through the governance of delivering the project. By scoping out the project in fine detail, we were able to build out a governance framework which enabled SCoR to hold technology partners accountable. We achieved the following outcomes which positioned SCoR as a forward-thinking, innovative organisation that puts users first.

Green Dot

- Governance
- Improved integrations between different systems (CRM, CPD, event software, payment gateway and the
website) to enable member self-service.
- Improving the collection and use of data – this includes member data, content performance data and
website analytics.
- Improved the technology platform being used for the website by using Kentico, a digital experience
platform (DXP).
- Centralised and coordinated marketing communications through the Kentico platform.
- Improved the online user experience for all visitors by improving the user experience, user interface, and
information architecture.
- Improved the experience for the society’s editors to manage the content going forward


Support from start to finish

We worked with Society of Radiographers (SCoR) for 18 months, project managing the build and governance of the new site and ensured the executive board was up to date with progress, as well as the detailed information of the project.

Through our team’s dedication to supporting the internal team at SCoR, they now have the knowledge and confidence to go back to providers with questions. Using the knowledge gained from this project, they now have a concrete programme for continuous improvement initiatives that focus on further improving and adapting the website for their increasingly engaged member base.


The Results

Through our efforts and attention to detail with project managing the web build, the new sites went live. They now have two new websites that provides members of the College and the Society with a seamless user experience, with rich, engaging content. They are now experiencing a great increase in engagement – something they had never experienced before.

“Equantiis helped SCoR better serve their members while achieving operational efficiency via integration between the finance system and CRM"
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