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Membership organisations are under considerable amounts of pressure to stay relevant and continually engage their members.

Typically, a member may sign up for a service as it’s relevant to them at that stage of their life, but retaining members becomes a huge challenge as consumer behaviour is constantly changing. The most effective way membership organisations can stay relevant and continue to engage their members is to truly understand them. What are they looking for? What are they looking to do? Why are they looking to do it?


What we do

Building out a member engagement strategy is crucial to ensuring the business is moving in the right direction and the team is aligned. However, it’s not always clear cut and lack of understanding with regards to members is a very common issue we see amongst membership organisations. The impact here is disengaged, uninterested members who eventually cancel their membership.

Green Dot

Digging deep into understanding members is pivotal to a successful membership engagement strategy.

  • Develop organisational personas – who are the members? What are their needs? What are their unmet needs?
  • User interviews with members to understand what exactly they want
  • Customer experience mapping and touchpoint analysis
  • Develop a better value offering, communication plan, and events strategy
  • Identifying the right tools and technology to deliver exactly what the members want
  • Identifying multiple revenue streams
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How we deliver it


We never take things at face value. More often than not, an organisation will think they need a new CRM, however, we know the CRM isn’t going to engage their members…

We spare no effort when it comes to helping our clients understand their members. Understanding members is the only real way an organisation is ever going to deeply engage with them, and therefore retain and attract them. It is of utmost importance that decisions are based on the findings from activities such as member interviews. If our clients think they know what their members want, we’ll go away and validate it.

With such validation, we’re able to build out a digital roadmap of the tools and services they need to be more relevant to their members


The impact it has


of institutions with growing memberships in the last year had a culture that supports innovation. (Marketing General)

From an uplift in member engagement to multiple revenue streams, a well-defined and well-executed member engagement strategy has far reaching benefits.

By understanding your members, you can communicate more effectively and deliver the services members really want. This leads to higher engagement, higher event attendance and higher retention. This base of understanding is the key to unlocking multiple revenue streams because you’ll have a better idea as to what members are willing to invest in.

How understanding your members is key to improving how a whole business operates.

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