A day in the life of Lina Gonzalez Gomez – Executive Consultant at Equantiis


At Equantiis, we help our clients to achieve their maximum potential by optimising their processes and technology, to enable better client interactions and support their most important asset, their people. We know firsthand that it is the team that have the most impact on the success of any business. This is why we are so dedicated to celebrating the value of our own team members. In fact, we wanted to share some of the achievements, goals, and daily activities of our esteemed colleagues with you – not only to illustrate the high calibre of expertise we work with, but also to give you greater insight into job titles that might not mean much to those outside the field. What better way to get to know us than to dive straight into our regular operations. 

First up in our ‘day in the life’ series is Executive Consultant, Lina Gonzalez Gomez. Lina joined Equantiis in October 2022, bringing with her a wealth of experience across many industries and sectors – as diverse as consultancy, analysis, risk management and clinical hypnotherapy. With an MSc in Mathematics from King’s College London to boot, she brings an impressive selection of logic and people skills to the table. 

So, what does an Executive Consultant like Lina do? To answer this question in the most representative way possible, we asked Lina to tell us about a recent typical day at work. As part of her role, Lina works closely with her clients, providing support, consultancy, and workshop facilitation both remotely and at client locations to take part in face-to-face discussions and provide in-depth analysis and organisation.  

The day began by collaborating with our client on their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project  to support Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. This critical phase is one of the final stages of any digital transformation or security implementation plan and is designed to ensure that the functionality, usability, and overall performance of any new services are aligned with end-user expectations and requirements. It also allows Equantiis to find any issues or discrepancies that may have been missed in earlier testing phases. 

As you can imagine, User Acceptance Testing requires high levels of insight and analysis, putting Lina’s experience to effective use. Likewise, in liaising with the supplier and supporting any testers involved in the process – be it on site or remotely – Lina can show her deeper understanding of the human mind. Her unique skillset proves incredibly successful when it comes to helping people with the systems they are using and teaching them to overcome any technical frustrations. Often, it is the small things that produce the greatest amounts of stress, so being able to lend a gentle, empathetic hand really helps to smooth things over, whether it is working with an uncooperative spreadsheet or wrestling with a new CRM system. 

Lina understands how essential it is to spot software bugs during this implementation phase, so she supports her client by logging defects and handling any Change Requests, allowing developers on the supplier’s side to view and fix bugs more rapidly as a result. This is just one example of how Lina’s presence can really accelerate progress.  

Another way in which Lina makes things easier for the client is by ensuring effective handover sessions occur. Prior to testing, Lina delivered a functional demo of the solution ensuring that everyone is as prepared as possible. Not only does this show her extraordinary ability to combine training and support with risk management but it also illustrates our company-wide commitment to going above and beyond when it comes to working collaboratively our clients.  

Of course, a busy day must inevitably come to an end and all good employees must be given a chance to recharge. Lina returns to her hotel after a successful day of discussions, analysis, negotiations and teaching to wind down. It all makes for a good night’s rest, helping her to feel energised, enthusiastic, and empowered again to tackle the day ahead – when she will once again give 100% towards helping our clients achieve their goals and embrace their challenges. 

To learn more about how our Executive Consultants help our clients achieve their maximum potential – or understand more about how a digital transformation can have an impact in your business – contact us at Equantiis. We would welcome the opportunity  to hear about your goals, aspirations, and challenges, to see how we can work together to move you towards and more efficient, frictionless business. 

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