The monotony..

of managing shared inboxes is undoubtedly stifling innovation.

Processing invoices and purchase orders, looking over contracts, checking customer services InMail or IT requirements all involve the same laborious steps that are dull and time-consuming.

But there's also the tangible waste of time and money.

Adobe found in 2019 that "Email drains 5 hours of worker’s time every day". Whilst over the course of a year, research has shown the cost of manual email processing can be as high as £10,000 per every single employee.

Some companies have become smarter by adopting a shared services model yet making the manual process more efficient just enables the same time consuming steps. Does watching more paint dry make it more efficient? Hardly.


There is a solution.

Improve cyber security

Using Intelligent Automation any joint mailbox can be automatically processed in seconds and relieve your employees of these current time-consuming activities.


And it’s easier to implement than you think.

With our Intelligent Automation tool Niico. This clever piece of tech can automate tiresome email tasks and save hours of staff time.

Requiring no system changes whatsoever, it’s easy to deploy and works alongside your existing infrastructure. Niico can automate any repeated processes that involve inbound or outbound emails while monitoring mailboxes, capturing inbound messages, or triggering a process based on an incoming email.


Here are some examples

Building digital strategy

Of the type of actions Niico can automate in shared mailboxes...

** Invoices
** Emails with attachments
** Reports
** Customer information requests
** IT Service desk requests

Business Data

Of course, there will always be messages that we will need to read and respond to, but the automation of routine and repetitive shared mailbox accounts is crucial to freeing staff up to allow them to do more value added work.


Niico in action...

Time to Automate

We'd love to show you how Niico can help you automate your business.

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