We Don’t Talk About Data

location , 13 Jul 2022, 3:00 PM

We’re back with our Digital Leaders round-tables and kicking things off with a discussion around data.

A data strategy describes the strategic and operation role of data for your organisation as well as the key enablers and road-map to deliver these. However we find organisations are often unable to define this themselves. These organisations simply don’t talk about data in a way that will help understand their data maturity and begin to develop their strategic data capability.

This session is all about developing a common language to talk about data and your data maturity. You will learn how to use a simple data maturity framework that you will immediately be able to take back and use in your organisation. You will also get a chance to benchmark where you are against your peer organisations. Most importantly you will have a tool to be able to start the long overdue conversation about data!

At Equantiis we build digitally enabled business. We’re business and technology consultants with real world experience. Made up of strategists, transformation experts and a group of technologists, with one focus – how to digitally empower our clients to deliver the best possible customer experience with operational excellence.

We know the demands on digital leaders. We’ve sat in your shoes with the demands of using digital assets to achieve your goals and how technology can be used to help the business become more responsive to the needs of your customers and their ever-changing business requirements. So, come meet us in person for this complementary two hour afternoon event with refreshments followed by drinks.

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Rob Gethen Smith

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