Top Tips for ERP selection Webinar

locationWebinar , 30 Mar 2022, 10:00 AM

Organisations now more than ever are searching for connectivity, interoperability, and agility in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to survive a now dynamic and complex environment, where every business decision could potentially “make it or break it.”

In this webinar, our experts will address how best to prepare and go through an ERP selection process. We’ll tackle the following questions and share real work experience;

  • How do I assess if the software will meet my organisation’s needs?
  • Can I rely on claims of streamlining or automating our processes?
  • Should I search for a bespoke or lightly tailored solution?
  • What’s a realistic timeframe to search and procure a new ERP?
  • What are the skills we’ll need to successfully search, procure, and implement a new CRM?

With so many options of software solutions and vendors, the solution you choose will affect the way you conduct business for years to come, and it will impact virtually every business function. With studies consistently show that half of ERP implementations fail to achieve their goals. This significant investment is critical to find a solution suited to the your organisation’s unique needs.

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