Postcard from the Future for Higher Education

location , 25 Mar 2022, 10:00 AM

During this session you will imagine that you have travelled in the Equantiis time-machine 5-10 years from now.  The challenges and obstacles that you face today have disappeared and the experience for your students and staff has completely transformed for the better.

You are so excited that you are compelled to write a postcard back to your current state self to say how wonderful everything is. You may decide to include:

  • How have daily working practices and culture changed?
  • What key problems have been overcome?
  • What are the most exciting improvements and key successes?
  • How has the student experience changed and what are they ‘saying’ about your organisation?

Like any seasoned time traveller, you may also want to send back instructions, top tips or warnings of things to look out for.   Our Higher Education experts will of course be on hand throughout.

Postcard of the future is an intuitive tool used to gain insight into your own aspirations and the expectations of all the stakeholders associated with your organisation without the limitations of “reality”. This tool is simple to learn how to use and you can readily take it back to your institution to use in groups.  Useful when a strategy is still in development or when you need to refresh your future direction. During this session you will also hear from your peer organisations which will help to stimulate your thinking.

Not only can you take the format of this session back into your institution but the outcome from this exercise also allows any requirements gathering to take place where stakeholders will now be informed and ready to come open minded to these sessions of what good looks like for their organisation.

Confirmed speakers
Melody Askari, MSc.
Melody Askari, MSc.

Director, Business and Digital Consulting


Janine Chasmer
Janine Chasmer

BA(hons), FRSA, FSAMP Managing Consultant


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