Operational Efficiency

location , 14 Sep 2022, 3:00 PM

Join us at our in-person event to explore how to cut through the noise and transform ways of working, optimise engagement and experience.

Are you a Digital Leader struggling to transform ways of working, optimise engagement and experience and ultimately deliver cost saving, quality improvement and customer satisfaction?

During this round table, Equantiis will explore;

  • The concept of ‘total experience’, and
  • How to overcome old habits and difficult internal ‘customers’.
  • Discuss the key leavers in achieving operational efficiency, and
  • Help you identify gaps in your capability to transform your ways of working, engagement and experience.

With changing customer needs, price sensitivities and fluctuations in demand, organisations are under real pressure to cut costs to stay ahead of the competition. These costs aren’t all financial – they include time, energy and resources too. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of operational efficiency and often it can be hard to see what you’re missing and what the opportunities are to streamline ways of working.

It takes time, knowledge, and skill to implement a long-term strategy to improve operational efficiency which is why this in-person event will cut through the noise to help organisations find the root cause of inefficiencies.

Join other digital leaders across all sectors to share knowledge, network and take away valuable insights.

  • 3.00pm

    Cannon Green, 27 Bush Lane, London. EC4R 0AA
Confirmed speakers
Simon Adams
Simon Adams
Melody Askari
Melody Askari
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