How does automation ignite business productivity?

locationWebinar , 01 Oct 2021, 10:00 AM

Niico is the intelligent automation solution, created by Equantiis, to:

  • Transform customer experience
  • Drive operational efficiency

Please join us for a webinar to engage with our industry experts and see Niico in action. You’ll take away valuable insights that will help you innovate faster and ignite your businesses productivity.

Who should attend – any heads of department looking to automate.

For your HR department:
Human resource departments can use Niico to reduce time-consuming, manual HR processes such as onboarding, payroll processing, compensation charges and exit management.

For your Finance department:
With Niico, accounts payable tasks can be streamlined delivering a simpler, more efficient invoice management system, improving processing time, compliance, supplier relationships and opportunities for early payment discounts.

For your Sales department:
Within sales order processing a high level of automation can be achieved through the use of Niico, delivering a smarter, more efficient process, improving time and reducing cost.

For your Customer Service departments:
Using Niico, customer service departments can be streamlined through automation, delivering a smarter, more efficient process, reducing manual effort, speeding up resolution times and enhancing customer service.

For your Marketing department:
Niico supports marketers with their efforts to help increase leads, drive conversions, and ultimately generate more revenue.

For your Legal & Compliance department:
Niico can help track and monitor compliance with all legal requirements and contractual obligations, facilitate training, document relevant procedures, promote internal reporting of wrongdoing and enhance internal investigative processes.

For your Operations department:
Companies can use Niico to help reduce time-to-resolution and increase the amount of time spent on judgment-based work.

We look forward to connecting with you there.

Event Agenda
  • What is Intelligent Automation and Niico?
  • How to get started
  • How it works
  • What Makes a Good Automation Candidate
  • Example processes Niico can automate
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