The Challenge


When a business needs to replace their core ERP or CRM systems, typically, there is a lot of legacy, outdated systems which have been in use for a long time.

Out of date technology doesn’t support the overall goals of the business to deliver the growth and results in the organisation desires. This is usually down to a combination of technology systems coming to the end of their life, as well as a whole host of inefficient business processes. The challenge here is that implementing a new ERP or CRM system still may not drive those desired results, and it’s important to look at such a project as an organisation-wide piece.


What we do

From years of experience, we know that to get the most out of a new CRM or ERP system, we need to understand first and foremost what the business is trying to achieve in the first place.

Green Dot

We work through strategic processes with your team to ensure every decision made is the right decision. We’ll examine:

  • Where the technology estate is currently
  • Where there are compelling events
  • Where there are opportunities for change
  • Identify quick wins
  • Examine how the organisation is using the technology
Deliver BG

How we deliver it

Forensic examination

We piece together our findings from forensic examination of your business to build out a roadmap for change. We’ll show you how you can move from the current state to the visionary future.

So that we can build out the right roadmap for each client, we undertake workshops to unearth what the future of the organisation looks like to them. We aim to understand what the greatest aspect would be to change and why, and we work towards ambitious visions by producing an intricately detailed list of requirements that support this vision. Once we understand this, we can then work through what technology is suitable and what it can offer a business in their transformation to realising their vision of the future. Finalised with timeframes, required resources, and costs needed, we’ll support you from start to finish.


The impact it has

Aligning technology against the organisation’s vision is crucial to achieving ambitious goals.

Through an independent approach, we coach teams to understand exactly how these projects should be undertaken. With a detailed roadmap, we set up your internal teams to gain the necessary buy-in from stakeholders in order to undertake the programme.

We help set your organisation up for the future, driving cultural change from within, which creates a robust foundation to build upon, from now, well into the future.

How a CRM coming to the end of its life became a catalyst for a digital first strategy.

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