Building excitement for intelligent automation: 5 key steps to engage your teams with Robotic Process Automation

Alistair Sergeant
Alistair Sergeant

Whether it’s increased efficiency and productivity, cost savings or data-driven insights that finally swayed you – there’s one thing you can be sure of: intelligent automation (IA) is a wise move for your organisation. There’s just one problem. You may be worried that employee resistance or rejection of these new systems could bring you down. You’re certainly not alone in these concerns, with almost 50% of leaders identifying cultural resistance as their greatest challenge in an Intelligent Automation Network report.

Fortunately, overcoming this barrier is much easier than you might think. As experienced change management experts, Equantiis knows exactly what to do to ensure your workforce is not only on board but also raring to go when it comes to implementing IA solutions.

1. The power of communication

Sometimes, the greatest challenges are best approached with the most obvious solutions. Although one of the largest roadblocks to transformational success is a refusal to update from legacy systems, the act of simply opening up and discussing your development decisions with transparency is often enough to warm even the most reluctant of employees up to the idea that these new technologies are here to help.

Make sure you address any fears or concerns, highlighting how automation is here to make human roles more interesting and dynamic. Tell your staff exactly how you plan to use the technology, including information on the current challenges it will resolve. Then, go on to explain what this will mean for them. Perhaps they will be able to work more efficiently or move away from more repetitive tasks to focus on their own creative career development? Whatever the benefits, it’s imperative that you spell them out.

2. Employee engagement

To take things that one step further, you may wish to explore strategies to engage the workforce and make sure your employees get involved in the automation process from the very start. Advocate for a culture of collaboration and inclusion, where employees feel valued and free to share their own ideas and input. Indeed, the more they feel part of the decision-making process, the more excited they will feel about the end technology finally coming into fruition.

Encourage management to solicit feedback, ideas and suggestions and you’re guaranteed not only to get a positive response but could also benefit from automation initiatives that you would have otherwise struggled to identify on your own – a win-win when it comes to maximising the efficiency and output of your new IA tools.

3. Training and upskilling

Of course, not all members of your workforce will feel ‘technology ready’, with many still apprehensive despite being aware of the wealth of workplace advantages they stand to gain from IA adoption. To combat this, ensure you’re offering the right training and upskilling opportunities, which not only focus on the core skills your company members need to operate new systems, but which also showcase how this will translate into more meaningful, strategic, higher-value work for them.

4. Showcasing success stories

Presenting employees with success stories that highlight how automation has led to career growth and new opportunities for others also goes a long way towards bolstering enthusiasm. Share real-life examples of how intelligent automation has positively impacted both organisations and employees, be it through increased efficiency, improved job satisfaction or a better work/life balance.

5. Recognition and incentives

Last but not least, remember that staff enthusiasm is an ongoing process. It’s well worth rewarding your team for its adaptability, contributions, and achievements, as this serves to consolidate the link between automation and career performance. It also helps to foster an overall sense of pride among your employees, which only serves to strengthen the successful, IA-ready culture you’ve worked hard to build.

An empowered team is an enthusiastic one

Ultimately, when it comes to fostering excitement and support for intelligent automation, reiterating the benefits for your employees is key. It’s important for organisations to take proactive steps to empower their workforce and a few gentle steps could be all it takes to transform human challenges into your IA ally.

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