The Challenge

Siloed processes

Markel Corp prides itself on ‘making the best decisions we can right now, to create the best forever results’, but the board found itself in a difficult situation. 90% of their sales users were not using their bespoke CRM system. Without this valuable business data, pipelines and business forecasting was inaccurate.  Customer experience was not consistent and with a continual ambition to grow through acquisition, they recognised the need for a Digital Strategy focusing on the core systems that would help support this. 




What we did

We knew that to begin a wide-scale cultural change, we had to understand the entire organisation. Starting with the executive team, Equantiis began to understand the real vision of the business, discovering the drivers and what the broader business objectives were.

Through interactive workshops, we challenged their executive team and discovered that their were consist issues with manual processes and duplications needed to be carried out across many business units. The systems in their current form were not fit for its purpose, and employees were finding their own solutions.​

Green Dot

​Using the Equantiis framework, Markel were delivered a clear Digital Strategy that focused on core systems that supported their growth and operational efficiency gains ambitions. Equantiis delivered a clear and concise roadmap that was supported by projects identified over the next 18-24 months supported by resources, budgets and considerations.


The Digital Strategy built by Equantiis focused on the core systems that needed review and change. It was a thorough and independent review that provided unbiased opinions of the challenges and recommendations for change. This meant that Markel could invest into the core systems required to align technology towards the business ambition confidently.


Long Lasting Results

The roadmap put forward combined the executive and board teams reporting needs and combined it with the day to day sales teams experience. Each level of the business was involved in the changes that were recommended. At the same time, a training programme was created to make sure every employee knew how to use the upgraded CRM. A path to meaningful transformation was created.

Markel Corp is operating more efficiently. The systems and processes that support this business’s global operations have finally been welcomed and used throughout the company.
Secure CRM Data by Equipping Your Staff
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Secure CRM Data by Equipping Your Staff

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