The Challenge

BASC Broken

G&T had a vision to leverage new technologies that would drive efficiencies and cost savings across the organisation’s telephony. While the team had significant technology expertise, they were heavily constrained by time. Equantiis had to find a way to deliver meaningful change in the best possible way for the business without extending internal resources.

G&T operates globally from 12 different office locations. Bringing a modern collaboration solution was essential to the success of any communications strategy roadmap. Designing a solution that met all of G&T’s current needs and the requirements of a business with rapid growth ambitions.



What we did

The starting point was a full business review, thoroughly looking at the current estate to understand where changes could be implemented quickly and where more long-term solutions could be created to ensure G&T could reach their objectives.

Green Dot

Virtualising Telecommunications

It was clear that the project needed to virtualise. By integrating the existing Cisco Call Manager with a Microsoft UC and a Polycom video conferencing solution, we brought a system designed for today and ready for tomorrow.


To ensure this was not an IT led project, an independent review of the challenges and aspirations was undertaken. These findings were then put into a report with a clear transformation map that the business could action against.


All great projects begin with the now. Understanding the current situation of each international site was essential to providing real situational knowledge


An upgrade path for the existing environment alongside a clear roadmap for project delivery was created.


Keeping the business goals and ambitions as a focal point, we designed an environment that worked towards G&T's ambitions.


A detailed plan on migrating the PSTN network to a SIP-based platform provides high redundancy levels with control given back to the IT team.

Vendor Management

Equantiis continues to manage vendors, alleviating the pressure on the internal team. These costs were offset by significant cost savings found during the architected roadmap process.


Long Lasting Results

By working closely with the team at G&T, we combined excellent internal knowledge with our expertise and created a roadmap that worked for the business.

The recommendations were based on independent prospectives and ensured the integrity of the business objectives were met. ​

The collaboration environment that emerged from this approach matches today's business needs and will continue to support the objectives of aggressive growth.​

We didn't need every vendor coming in and telling us all about their product. We required somebody to understand what the business wanted and give G&T an unbiased view on how to deliver it… Equantiis did that.​

Hasan AhmetIT Director

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