The Challenge

ISCA IT Infrastructure

With grand ambitions to grow, LIBF wanted to continue to serve its customers with the best financial education. We knew that their technology infrastructure would prevent them from achieving this as customers began to demand better experiences.

It was our duty to challenge their reliance on legacy systems while providing a route to support their customer experience and the security of the business IP.

Undertaking a business review of LIBF’s infrastructure, it became clear that staff were also facing operational issues daily. The technical environment was just too complex and created massive inefficiencies.




What we did

Using our proven framework, Equantiis built a Digital Strategy for LIBF that focused on business objectives underpinned by technology solutions.

Equantiis began with a detailed technical infrastructure assessment. Through this, we identified that 64 of the 66 on-premises servers could be migrated to the cloud.

Green Dot

Migrating and updating these legacy systems could not be done overnight. Operations were wholly entrenched, and any immediate large scale changes would put the customer experience in jeopardy.


Equantiis designed a 24-month road map of changes. Each stage was underpinned by a clear strategy to support day-to-day operations while gradually enhancing the businesses capabilities to achieve its long-term visions.


Long Lasting Results

Providing an independent perspective not influenced by any specific technology vendor gave LIBF the confidence to move forward with a very ambitious digital strategy.

Equantiis took the LIBF team on a journey to help mentor and coach the team through what was possible. The stakeholders were confident in a very ambitious digital strategy because they had been involved in the whole process.

Our independent perspective is uninfluenced by any technology vendor, and the stakeholders secured the investment required for this large scale change.

This 24-month strategy was designed to drive a transformational business change that would assist and ultimately deliver excellence to customers through a 24/7 technology service.
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