The Challenge


Reflecting on our Digital Leader’s Summit, 82% of respondents said they could not get clear access to their business data. The reason for not being able to access and read business data is due to there being no clear data strategy within the organisation.

Data is often stored is various places across the business with no centralised space for easy access. With this comes serious data inaccuracy because systems are siloed and business processes are inefficient, relying on staff to manually input data into legacy systems and in numerous places. The risk of human error here is high and therefore significantly impacts the quality of the data itself. The inability to link systems and match data means a company cannot gain a single version of the truth, or a 360-degree view of what their customers are trying to do.

All these factors crucially inhibit the organisation’s ability to achieve goals, make data driven decisions, and progress and develop the overall strategy.


What we do

When a business cannot clearly access or effectively use its data, there are a whole host of problems that lie deep within the organisation. Technology is only a part of the overall problem.

Green Dot

To get to the root causes of the data challenges, we unpick your current strategy, examine how your business processes work, and identify solutions using technology that will help to solve these problems.

  • Digital strategy maturity assessment
  • Examine where the technology estate is currently
  • Identify how systems should be aligned to make data widely available
  • Where there are opportunities for change
  • Identify where technology can be leveraged
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


Our first step is to ensure that everyone in the team understands that data is not solely an IT project. The IT department is there to provide the correct access to the data.

Using overarching business aspirations as the guide, we’ll work out where the data needs to come from and why it needs to come from there. Another crucial step in our delivery is examining the questions the team is asking. It’s very common to see teams creating a range of reports that don’t have true relevance or align with the business objectives.

From these activities, we’ll build out a well-defined roadmap for implementing a data insights transition. The roadmap details the business and technical aspects of the data programme to understand what the challenges are and where they lie. From here, we can identify which systems need to be integrated, how we can build out meaningful, rich reports.


The impact it has


of companies surveyed cited better strategic decisions and 54% said that big data improved their control of operational processes

We work with teams to create a well-defined roadmap that will enable them to gain better access to richer, more accurate data across the whole organisation.

Not only do we align teams and break down the barriers between systems, but we also enable employees to have trust in the data they have collected. We enable the organisation’s people to understand data better and how data feeds into their roles and responsibilities.

As a result, decision making becomes faster, data-driven, and achieves better results in line with the overarching business goals.

Disparate systems, disparate data.

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