The Challenge


Most organisations we work with provide a transactional service to their customers. The challenges they face are growth and retention and the organisation struggles to engage existing or prospective customers.

When an organisation doesn’t truly understand its customers, their needs and their unmet needs, aspects like up-selling and cross-selling additional products and services become even harder. The impact is a decreasing customer base and decreasing revenue that comes with them, detrimental to the sustainability of the organisation.


What we do

Understanding your customers is central to success. Without them, there wouldn’t be a business. It’s imperative to explore every avenue where the customer is concerned and build out a well-defined engagement strategy.

Green Dot

We work tirelessly with internal teams to ensure everyone truly understands the customer, what they want to do, what they’re trying to do, and what they can’t currently do.

  • Develop organisational personas – who are different types of customers? What are their needs? What are their unmet needs?
  • Understand why an organisation’s customers come to them
  • Customer interviews to validate personas
  • Customer experience mapping and touchpoint analysis with emotional scoring
  • Develop a better value offering, communication plan, and events strategy
  • Identifying the right tools and technology to deliver exactly what the members want
  • Identifying multiple revenue streams
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


We take a hands-on approach and gain real insight from real customers so the organisation can develop their product and service offering that ticks every box.

With customer experience mapping, touchpoint analysis and emotional scoring, we help internal teams get into the shoes of their customers and understand the positives and negatives of the experience they currently have. This helps to identify where the company is failing to meet the needs of their customers and enables us to drill down further to examine the root cause of the issue.


The impact it has


of companies stated they had a better understanding of their customer as a result of effectively using data.
(BARC research)

By truly understanding your customers, you can begin putting the customer at the heart of everything you do, and be driven by what customers need and want, rather than what the business thinks they need and want.

We help internal teams successfully speak the language of their audience and ensure that the customer is widely understood throughout the organisation. With teams aligned in this way, the organisation can begin to develop and align the product and service offering based on real customer feedback and the overall customer experience is significantly enhanced.

Delivering an unrivalled customer experience while improving operational efficiency

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