The Challenge

Siloed processes

Student expectations are becoming more and more demanding and as technology plays an important role in society, higher education institutes are continually looking at ways to enhance the student experience.

The challenges in higher education usually arise from siloed ways of working, different processes across departments, legacy systems, and critically, the institute not understanding their students’ needs or the experience they have. The impact of these problems combined is a disjointed, inefficient institute with less than impressed students.


What we do

To improve the student experience, there’s only one place to start. The student. Who are they? What are they trying to do? What do they need?

Green Dot

We transform the way staff work by helping them get to know the students:

  • Organisational personas validated by student interviews. No internalising. We get the student voice from the students themselves.
  • Experience mapping with touchpoint analysis and emotional scoring
  • Analyse the key pain points in the institute such as admissions, clearing, or graduations
  • Identify where the positive and negatives are and the root cause behind the negatives
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


We will help you understand the student and we’ll validate this with them personally. We gather rich insight that will help you gain a fresh perspective and enable you to make well-informed decisions.

We help institutes pave the way for a successful future by reimagining the student experience. We challenge the way our clients think and bring a fresh, external perspective to the challenges faced. As with many large organisations, teams get stuck in their ways of working and there is no drive to challenge or change these.

We help internal teams understand the student so they can put the student at the heart of everything they do. We break down silos and bring alignment and collaboration across departments so operational efficiency is improved, manual processes are a thing of the past and staff can work on tasks that make a real difference to the student experience.


The impact it has


of students in England said they were very dissatisfied with their learning experience (ONS)

By unpicking the student experience, gaining rich insight into their unmet needs, and analysing the current ways of working, the student experience is significantly enhanced, and staff morale is improved.

The long-lasting results of a well-defined strategy that focuses on people, processes and technology are worthwhile, constructive, and profitable. It is the catalyst for improving the student experience now and well into the future so that students remain engaged.

In a poll conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 37% of students in England said they were very dissatisfied with their learning experience.

Transforming the student experience by developing a strategic operating model

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