The Challenge

UCEM Improve

UCEM wanted to drastically improve their student experience to ensure complete satisfaction for both staff and students alike. However, there were so many constraints blocking their ambitious vision in their current operating model, they knew they had to embark on a transformation journey to realise their vision by 2020.

With a whole host of disparate legacy systems, UCEM was unable to pivot and be agile, as well as cater for international markets. The numerous inefficient processes added fuel to the fire and siloed ways of working meant there was no holistic view of the operating model. As a result, the student experience was crucially poor, and the institute’s vision was out of reach.


What we did

Improving the student experience must start with the students themselves. Understanding them is central to making the right decisions and keeping them at the heart of everything the institute does, now and in the future.

It was also imperative we understood from the board and senior management what existing initiatives and projects were happening, along with unpicking their existing strategy.

Green Dot

We challenged the current ways of thinking, leaving no stone unturned to make sure we enabled UCEM to realise the root causes to the problems they were facing.

  • Discovering the who the student is: Student interviews, student personas
  • Measuring the student experience: Experience mapping to uncover how tasks are currently being undertaken throughout the student journey
  • Interviewed stakeholders to challenge the current ways of doing things
  • Business process analysis
  • Uncovering the root cause of issues within the institute
  • Independent procurement process

Building a member centric digital first strategy to overcome issues and meet targets


A comprehensive discovery phase enables our team to understand the whole picture and gain a holistic view of all factors inhibiting the vision. We conducted an in-depth requirements gathering exercise to map out and re-engineer the ‘as-is’ processes. The uncovered a wealth of opportunity within the institute.

A design to deliver results

By understanding the goals and challenges and current ways of working, Equantiis was able to begin mapping the right technology to the right processes that would significantly improve efficiency and enable the organisation to deliver against their 2020 vision.


We supported UCEM by carrying out a detailed market analysis to guide an independent procurement process. This was supported by in-depth and well-refined business requirements so potential vendors understood exactly what the institute needed to achieve through technology.


Long lasting results

Through our forensic examination of the institute, we equipped the team at UCEM with the skills and knowledge required to make the transformation a success. We supported them throughout the project and beyond to ensure that everything was being done in the right way, and everyone worked to the same shared goal.
Equantiis enabled the institute to gain a holistic and unbiased view of the business, delivering a clear transformation roadmap which details phases, timelines, costs, resources, and risks. The transformation roadmap was supported with a technology roadmap, which assessed internal processes, the student management system, CRM, the finance system, and the integration into web, that would help them get closer to their goal and make the vision a reality.

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