The Challenge

Secure IP

Every organisation is vulnerable to cyber threats; as the saying goes, every organisation will be hacked or has already been hacked.

Protecting assets, the IP and the integrity of the reputation of your not-for-profit organisation is essential, yet cyber security is an ongoing piece as cyber criminals continue to advance their threats. The challenge with cyber security is understanding that threats exist, and they always will exist. But how do you remain operational?


What we do

We will carry out a cybersecurity assessment on your organisation to understand how mature the technical aspect of your security is. Yet, technology is only part of the problem. Secure staff behaviour is paramount to achieving a greater level of security.

Green Dot

The other major factor organisations must overcome is the behaviour of staff

  • Cyber security assessment
  • Staff and executive team assessment
  • Operational policy assessments
  • General behaviour assessments
  • Social engineering to mimic a breach
  • Report and remedial plan of quick wins that are needed to get the organisation secure
Deliver BG

How we deliver it

Long term secure

Cyber security is critically important for any organisation and while technology certainly has a big role to fulfil, it’s essential that an organisation and its people accept they have a lot of responsibility in maintaining a secure network.

We’ll work with internal teams to demonstrate what a breach looks like so they can be equipped for the future and have the knowledge to spot threats. We’ll analyse general staff behaviour as well as operational policies to understand where there are gaps in the current security strategy. By looking at the business as a whole, we’re able to report back to the executive team and build out a remedial plan of quick wins needed to get the organisation to a satisfactory security level.


The impact it has


of cyber security breaches are caused by human error

We ensure that cyber security isn’t seen as an IT issue but an organisation wide piece where everyone has a part to play. We drive a cultural change within the organisation which fundamentally underpins any cyber security technology.

With cybersecurity, educating staff and ensuring they understand how to respond to potential threats is paramount. Cybercriminals know that organisations are investing in world-class security strategies and so, they prey on staff not having the knowledge of what a potential threat looks like. We will work with teams to foster secure employee behaviour and reshape the organisation's attitude toward security.

According to a study by IBM, human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches.

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