Transforming Your Membership Organisation: 5 Top Tips for Success

Janine Chasmer
Janine Chasmer

For almost a decade, Equantiis has worked with various businesses in the membership sector and this paper shares everything we’ve learned along the way.

From challenges faced to solutions shared, we’ll walk you through the top five ways to achieve success.

Common questions we answer:

  • What’s holding organisations back from achieving a 360-degree view?
  • How do you define a roadmap to stabilise the future of retention rates?
  • How you build a digital strategy for growth?




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Janine Chasmer
Janine Chasmer - Principal Consultant

Janine’s career includes 10 years in the not-for-profit sector, specifically within membership, and she leverages her industry expertise and first-hand experience with a wider range of clients, including Membership and Charity, where she provides consultancy on a range of areas including Business Strategy, Customer Experience improvement and process optimisation. In recent years, Janine has applied these consulting skills to the Education sector, supporting HE and FE institutions to improve their applicant and student experience at key phases such as application, enrolment, Clearing and progression. Other projects include Digital and Data Strategy, process and automation, and Student Journey optimisation. She has also worked as a SRM Functional Consultant, using this unique insight of both sector knowledge, and enabling technology to achieve transformational outcomes. Janine is also a regular event speaker and creates and shares industry and sector insights with her network.

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