Higher Education Must Invest in Digital Now to Stay Relevant in the Sector

Alistair Sergeant
Alistair Sergeant

This report looks at the past, present, and future challenges institutes are trying to navigate when it comes to all things digital.

As the future of higher education undergoes continued disruption, do you know what’s working/what’s not working?

Investing, implementing and delivering a successful digital strategy will ultimately provide value via new, flexible ways to prepare students for the workplace. It is critical for any Institute to rethink and achieve this direction in order to remain relevant in the face of rapidly changing circumstances.

Insights include:

  • Staying relevant with digital
  • Tackling the challenges caused by digital capabilities.
  • Pioneering digital and cultural change, organisation-wide
  • What does this organisation wide approach look like across departments?
  • Technology in Higher Education
  • Harnessing technology successfully
  • Knocking down the barriers to the university of the future


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Alistair Sergeant
Alistair Sergeant CEO

As CEO of Equantiis, his main focus is on strategic leadership and growth within the business whilst working through new opportunities that support this. Alistair manages client relationships so that they can benefit from his experience and knowledge. He thrives on leading a disruptive business that works with business leaders to identify and overcome complex business challenges, with cost certainty and transformative outcomes. Alistair is passionate about anything outdoors. Including running, camping and travelling with the family.

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