Corporate Strategy vs Commercial Strategy – What’s the Difference?

Simon Adams
Simon Adams

Defining a company’s strategy both corporate and commercial are imperatives for long term survival, particularly in the age of commoditisation where customers are spoilt for choice.

A business’ corporate and commercial strategies should work in tandem and be aligned to maximise the value proposition.

Equantiis’ mini guide to strategy outlines the key tenets of both commercial and corporate strategy.

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Simon Adams
Simon Adams Operations Director

Simon is responsible for the day to day running of the consultancy practice. Simon brings consultancy experience in leading the prioritisation and management of large change portfolios across IT, business and third-party suppliers. Simon is an excellent communicator, often involved in working with the executive teams, but is equally comfortable driving engagement at all levels. Simon’s passion at work is in driving change and the adoption of digital culture, tools, and ways of working. Having advised and led pre-sales due diligence and post-M&A integration, he brings first-hand experience of successfully creating a culture of high performance and engagement that is progressive in the adopted ways of working.

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