The Challenge

UAL is planning on merging Student Recruitment & Admissions ready for the 2022/2023 AY. The admissions function was split into central and college teams each with a significant number of devolved processes which were time consuming and impacted on the overall applicant experience.

They wanted to understand their admissions enquiry processes and resourcing landscape for three key capabilities:

  • Pre-degree;
  • Undergraduate;
  • and Postgraduate Taught programmes.

They wanted to review the Admissions processes involved to both reduce the resource burden and enhance the student experience.


What we did

To maximise the University of Art London’s (UAL) investment and ensure they had the tools to focus on the highest impact areas Equantiis completed the engagement in three phases:

Green Dot
  • We identified all the processes that made up the admissions journeys and delivered a series of process discovery workshops to capture each process in more detail.
  • Then, continuing to work with UAL SME’s, we created detailed process maps for the international PGT programmes as well as an applicant experience map.
  • We then presented back our findings drawing out key themes and recommendations that would drive operational efficiencies across UALs admissions function.

The Results

UAL now have the tools in place to begin creating their new Target Operating Model with the applicant experience firmly at the heart of their decision making.

We have provided them with validated recommendations across key dimensions such as people, process and technology with changes that will enable UAL to deliver an exception applicant experience whilst being operationally efficient

“What a fantastic job you have done – it was so valuable to hear your insights, and to see that your analysis validated some of the areas for improvement/challenges we have also identified”. Cath McLeod, Deputy Director, Student Marketing and Recruitment
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