On the 15th July, University of East London were awarded silver in the Best Low Budget initiative category for their use of Niico for their clearing automation project.

Alistair Sergeant, CEO of Equantiis congratulated the UEL win.

“I am delighted UEL have been recognised for their clearing project at such prestigious awards and that are partnership with them has helped this recognition.”

Sergeant continued, “Our vision for Equantiis is to help those institutes looking to drive operational efficiency and a better student experience. Clearing was an ideal candidate for automating, and in a matter of weeks Niico transformed the process for the institute. To hear the judging panel using statements “the industry could learn a lot from this” is a great accolade for us to be associated with this project”.



Equantiis is an intelligent automation solution designed to transform student experience and drive operational efficiency.

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Just like a human, Niico can:

  • Log into systems
  • Open emails and attachments
  • Monitor folders for new files
  • Perform queries
  • Extract and process data
  • Edit and move files
  • Copy and paste text
  • Fill in forms
  • Follow if/then rules
  • Maintain records

“We are always looking for creative and innovative solutions in the work that we do, and this initiative helped us address an issue that was compounded by the pandemic, saving us a significant amount of time and money at a key recruitment period for the institution.”

David Smith, Head of UEL Marketing

Intelligence Automation is a software “bot” programmed to interact with your core applications as if they were human, trained as part of your workforce to perform routine, repetitive work.

Equantiis is simple to develop and deploy not requiring complicated IT integration.

Intelligent Automation works best supporting scenarios such as High Transaction Volume, Structured Data, Manual & Repetitive Processes and Multiple Data Sources.

For more information see https://www.niico.ai/

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Alistair Sergeant
Alistair Sergeant

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