The Challenge

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) custom-made system for membership management and website no longer met their needs and was holding back their ability to scale and support a much larger and more diverse, global membership, and enable their digital transformation ambitions.

Three years ago, ICB started a project to upgrade their existing membership management system and had commissioned the development of a new Umbraco website; however, it had become clear that the underlying database also needed to be replaced.  ICB therefore decided to pause and reassess their wider digital needs and engaged Equantiis for external support and guidance.


What we did

Equantiis worked with SMEs to capture the existing business processes and desired outcomes and identified opportunities to improve operational efficiency and identified where digital investment would enable it.

Green Dot

- Functional and technical requirements were developed in the form of User Stories, to improve and future-proof ICB’s desired business outcomes and to introduce new ways of working and benefits.
- Each User Story was challenged and prioritised. This enabled Equantiis to develop a business case for investment and a Request for Procurement document to share with technology providers who could meet ICB’s requirements for CRM, member portal and Umbraco CMS.
- Equantiis ran a guided procurement exercise to review submissions and support the selected of shortlisted supplier for demonstrations, and from that a preferred supplier decision and due diligence.


The Results

This project has given ICB a Vision for digital transformation, plus:
- Processes and outcomes ready for optimisation;
- Requirements which new technology must deliver against;
- A business case for investment;
- A new technology architecture;
- Confidence in a robust procurement;
- The ability to select a preferred supplier

“We couldn’t have done it without Equantiis! Janine and team held our hand as we analysed our processes, documented our requirements, and selected the right supplier for a huge project to change our website and CRM. Janine was our critical friend throughout; indefatigable, never judgmental, always smiling and nudging us to question the status quo. Janine’s passion and experience in membership made her a real asset to us and she really became a member of our team during the project. ” Ami Copeland, ICB Director of Communications