The Challenge

Unlike complex technology projects, Intelligent Automation tools can be implemented quickly, through a digital workforce who take on the manual, repetitive, unenjoyable tasks so that the human workforce are freed up for value-added activities to support and guide students.

In this RPA Process Discovery exercise, Equantiis considered the opportunity for RPA to increase City’s operational efficiency and improve the student experience by identifying manual, repetitive processes which could be replicated by a bot thus enabling City’s human workforce to focus on value-added tasks.


What we did

City put forward several candidate areas for potential automation.

Green Dot
  • Finance
  • Student Services
  • Marketing
  • IT Services

Equantiis undertook a Process Discovery exercise to review potential candidate processes for RPA by considering the following:

MMU Automate
Whether the process requires judgement or is rules-based
We are Equantiis
How structured the data is
MMU Delivery times
The maturity of the process
BASC Broken
And the frequency and volume

Long lasting results

An assessment of the automation potential, including potential time and cost savings.

7 suitable candidates for RPA discovered. Which currently take 9,250 hours or x6 FTE's or £300,000 to deliver.

Potential £665,000 net saving identified = 282% ROI
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