The Challenge


With most businesses looking to move their applications to the cloud, this is usually because of outdated, antiquated processes and technology infrastructure that fails to meet the core business requirements.

During the current climate with COVID-19, companies have realised that their on-premises hardware, which is out of support and needs renewing, fails to provide a secure, remote working environment for employees. This aside, there are also significant limitations for how a business can scale up and down according to the rising and falling demands throughout the year, meaning there is no opportunity for cost savings. On-prem hardware presents even further risk to the business, such as lack of disaster recovery with long periods of downtime. Fundamentally, hardware that lives on-site is costly and hard to manage.


What we do

As with any project, it’s critical we understand exactly what your business is trying to achieve, whether that’s growth and expansion into new markets, process efficiency, cost savings, or to improve security measures.

Green Dot

To gain a solid baseline of understanding, we’ll take you through our proven processes to unpick your business and how it operates, so we can advise the best way forward for you.

  • Where the technology estate is currently
  • Where there are opportunities for change
  • Identify what technology can be moved to the cloud
  • Identify which technology should be moved to the cloud
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


Moving an organisation to the cloud is no small task and crucially requires a well-defined strategy and roadmap that will guide the business in the desired direction.

We’ll work with you to help you understand how this can be done, the timeframe we’re looking at, the costs involved, and the resources required to achieve the transformation. Taking a fully independent approach, we always look at the right option best suited to the needs and requirements of the business, whether that’s a SaaS-based offering, a cloud-based offering, or a hybrid. We’ll never be guided or restrained by technology as a transition programme must be driven by the overarching business goals.


The impact it has


said they're saving money and seeing more productivity and better security as a result of a cloud approach

We coach and guide internal teams to align everyone, so all involved are working to the same goal. Our detailed strategies and roadmaps are the foundation upon which a business begins to create meaningful change from within.

We make sure everyone understands the technology approach we’re setting out and how we will work to achieve it, and we’ll support you through your transition from the start, right through to implementation and beyond.

As a result of using a cloud approach, nearly 80% said they're saving money and seeing more productivity and better security. More specifically, they reported saving 20% on average, because of moving hosting services and productivity apps to the cloud. (UK Insight)


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