The Challenge


A staggering 84% of digital transformation projects fail. The main reason for such a high rate of failure is because such projects are being led by a clear vision or strategy.

When there is no clear vision or strategy, teams aren’t aligned or working towards the same shared goal. There is no clear understanding of what the project is trying to achieve in the first place, and so what usually follows is a scattergun approach between teams. The challenge here is higher up. If there is no executive buy-in, then digital transformation projects get passed off as an IT initiative when in fact, digital transformation must be organisation-wide.


What we do

We work to understand why exactly the project is taking place in the first place. It’s not unusual for us to see that a decision has been somewhere along the line to upgrade a core system, but what the decision-maker has failed to consider or evaluate the wider impact on the business, and so, the project begins to fail.

Green Dot

We will challenge your team to understand the ins and outs of the project through a range of proven activities, which unearth where the project has gone wrong in the first place.

  • Were requirements refined enough?
  • Was governance properly put in place?
  • Have employees been given enough time to be involved in the project?
  • Have key roles and responsibilities been set out?
  • Is there the right combination of skillsets within the organisation to deliver this project?
Deliver BG

How we deliver it

Once we’ve challenged the team and gained a thorough baseline of understanding, we can then get the project back on track.

We’ll deliver a detailed report of problems and recommended solutions within 4 weeks to rescue the failing project. We’ll build a roadmap of clear steps the organisation needs to take to get things moving in the right direction. We coach and support teams to ensure everyone knows what needs to be done, and teams can be held accountable for delivering their part of the project.


The impact it has


of digital transformation projects fail

Our work with internal teams means our clients can gain a fresh perspective on the project and reapproach it with the right mindset.

We ensure every team understands the value and purpose of the project, and how they can deliver on their part. We transform the internal way of thinking and break down siloed teams to bring everyone together to successfully deliver the transformation programme. Our clients can work towards their goal with a detailed strategy on how to progress and how to effectively manage the project so that in future, no other transformation projects take the wrong path from the outset.

Building an automation strategy that delivered a 240% return on investment.

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