The Challenge


The average student record system lifecycle is typically around 15 years old with a lot of antiquated manual processes running in the background.

With manual processes often comes siloed teams and soiled ways of working which have a significant impact on operational efficiency. Not only do these processes take much longer than they should, but they don’t deliver the seamless digital experience students now expect from an institute. Providing a 24/7 service to students is imperative to stay at the forefront of the industry, and so, unsupported, legacy systems should be replaced.


What we do

To understand how an institute can make meaningful changes with technology, we look at the current student experience to unearth the real pitfalls within the institute. We aim to pick apart the experience, for example, what is it like for a student when they go through admissions or clearing?

Green Dot

We work with and coach internal teams with the following activities:

  • Experience mapping with touchpoint analysis and emotional scoring
  • Mapping what a positive experience looks like
  • Mapping what a negative experience looks like
  • Using the negatives, we can pinpoint the root cause of these issues, looking at systems, departments, and processes
  • With challenges identified, we build out roadmaps for transformation, considering people, processes, and technology
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


We’re a hands-on consultancy and strive to ensure our clients understand why we’re doing something.

For any transformation project, it is imperative everyone is aligned and working towards the same shared goal. To achieve this, we’ll carry out a series of workshops so that everyone involved has the knowledge to progress the roadmap internally, and in the right way.
More often than not, many institutes don’t understand what the future looks like. We’ll probe the team with questions to imagine how the university would operate in an ideal world. From this method of working, we’re able to tease out important requirements to build out a strategy for what technology needs replacing, and in what order.


The impact it has


reduction in time
to transfer records
(Equantiis case study)

From improved operational efficiency to a seamless digital experience for students, our methodologies take an in institute from ticking over in the past to driving forward into the future.

By helping our clients realise that technology is part of a wider organisational and cultural problem, we quickly get down to the root causes and find the right solutions. From automating processes to enable staff to work on more meaningful, student-centric tasks, to building out robust business cases, we deliver a platform for continuous improvement that completely transforms the student experience.


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