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Not for profit organisations are typically lagging in enabling remote working due to costly legacy systems that do not support it and the lack of resources available to implement it.

Especially over the last year, remote working has become a critical policy for many organisations to continue operating throughout the global pandemic. Those who have not already enabled it are urgently looking to do so. To create a secure, remote working environment, an organisation must look to move applications to the cloud, so that the necessary services employees need on a daily basis can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


What we do

Enabling remote working requires in depth analysis of legacy systems to identify the right way forward. However, before jumping the gun and going straight to the technology, it’s essential that business objectives are defined first and foremost. The business strategy must underpin the technology strategy, so we can ensure the right cloud-based approach.

Green Dot

We will assess your IT estate in great detail to understand how best we can move applications to the cloud for remote working

  • IT infrastructure assessment
  • Assess where the technology estate is currently
  • Identify where there are opportunities for change
  • Technical roadmap developed
  • Assess which systems need to be moved to the cloud to enable remote working
  • Support with procurement
Deliver BG

How we deliver it


Enabling remote working successfully is no small task and requires teams, processes, and technology to be aligned.

We’ll work with you to help you understand how this can be done, the timeframe we’re looking at, the costs involved, and the resources required to enable remote working. Taking a fully independent approach, we always look at the right option best suited to the needs and requirements of the business, whether that’s a SaaS based offering, a cloud-based offering, or a hybrid. We’ll never be guided or restrained by technology as a transition programme must be driven by the overarching business goals.


The impact it has



Enabling remote working is a relatively new concept but brings a wealth of benefits to the organisation.

Giving employees the tools to work remotely sets your company up to handle any hurdle that may be thrown your way. Looking at the current pandemic as a classic example, many companies who did not enable remote working struggled to navigate the climate and stay afloat during tough times, as staff could not continue to work.

Furthermore, even outside the challenge of a pandemic, remote working can help retain staff, giving them flexibility they need for busy lives, as well improve the productivity of the overall workforce.

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