The Early Years Alliance Case Study


Digital Transformation

As the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England, Pre-School Learning Alliance (EYA) represents over 14,000-member settings, supporting and delivering care, in addition to learning, for over 800,000 families annually. This means that EYA has a huge responsibility to deliver an excellent service to a very large and diverse customer base.

The Challenge

Over time EYA’s limited IT resource has been struggling to maintain and develop EYA’s website, hardware and core business systems. The current platforms fell short of requirements and failed to meet all of EYA’s business outcomes and objectives. The Membership system was also out of support and at end of life.

EYA’s members, supporters and stakeholders are increasingly looking towards EYA for support. Existing processes were often manual and business functions unconnected and siloed. This resulted in a limited, current, User experience and there was significant staff resource required to administer the membership, training and support services in order to maintain a level of customer service.

EYA engaged Equantiis to provide an independent review of the business and technology requirements, supported by a review of the customer experience in order to create a business case to recommend how to address the business challenges.

The Solution

Digital transformation – outputs:

  • EYA’s Project Vision and Principals defined.
  • Personas developed for EYA customers.
  • Task Maps developed for activities that EYA customers complete showing their journey; their emotional response during that journey; their touchpoints and communications channels. The Maps show the pitfalls and positive elements of the Task Journey, and the opportunities for improvement in Customer Experience.
  • Functional and technical requirements were captured as User Stories.
  • Business Cases were created, detailing a transformation roadmap, a business case for replacement technology, early market engagement, risks, constraints, benefits, indicative budgets and suggested next steps.


EYA’s initial approach was to focus on CRM replacement. However Digital Transformation is actually full organisational design, which can only be achieved through the alignment of People, Process and Technology.

Equantiis recommended that in addition to enabling technology, EYA should review its business processes and organisational design to address the challenges highlighted. As EYA’s business objectives included membership acquisition and retention, supporter engagement, speed to market and customer self-services it is embarking on a digital transformation which requires all of the enablers in the following diagram:


"Enquntiis encouraged EYA to be disruptive and challenge conventional thinking. The result is significant progress in expediting our digital transformation.”

Neil Leitch
CEO, Early Years Alliance

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