2022 The Year to Join up the Student Experience

Melody Askari
Melody Askari

This report focuses on the challenges of this rapid shift to a digital model and what you can do to maximise the potential of your institution. The good news is that there are many tools and techniques you can use to join up the student experience without having to embark on major change programmes and complex IT projects.

Importantly, there has a been a definite shift in recent years away from big, long lead time IT transformation projects to smaller scale, “quick win” solutions. This is because the pace at which digital is revolutionising businesses is so rapid, by the time lengthy IT projects are delivered, they’re likely to be out of date. Not only will they be out of date, but they’re expensive. For Higher Education where time and money are of the essence, it’s not viable to transform everything immediately.

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Melody Askari
Melody Askari - Director, Business and Digital Consulting - Education

Melody is a keen educational technologist and is passionate about the use of technology to enhance the student and staff experience across higher education sector and works closely institutions as they define and embark on programmes of change and transition.

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