“The ideal outcome of any assessment would be full compliance, but the reality is that sometimes the assessments find areas of non-compliance that must be addressed.”

Any Cyber assessment that you complete has a specific focus on your internal Technology processes and functions. In cases where remediation items are found by the assessor, you will need a plan to fix your environment in order to achieve full compliance on the next audit. The best way to fix all the audit shortcomings is through remediation analysis and planning.

At Equantiis, our experienced Consultants can help you and your team with all remediation planning efforts.

In cases where you have assessment remediation items, we will come onsite to meet with your team, taking steps to understand what items need remediation and the most efficient way to remediate them.

Next, we will develop a remediation plan to help your team itemise the items that need improvement and understand how to prioritise and plan. We will also help your team by reviewing and validating the remediation efforts for completeness before the next assessment takes place.

By performing remediation analysis, your team will have a strong understanding of why assessment controls were deemed for remediation and have a set plan of how to remediate each item. You will also have the expertise of the Equantiis team to help you map the remediation item priority and timeframe to ensure accurate and efficient processes to achieve remediation.

After completing remediation analysis, your team should be better prepared for the next assessment.

Paul Forrest
We will support you in making changes to processes or technologies that have the potential to be non-compliant.