Equantiis provides security awareness training to address the human factors that impact information security within any organisation. These training sessions outline the basics of information security, the motives of professional malicious hackers and the nature of the most common cyber attacks.  Key to our training sessions, and directly in line with FCA guidance, is an exploration of the relevant conduct risk behaviours that can contribute to the undermining of an organisation’s information or data security risk mitigation measures.

With particular relevance to financial institutions looking to ensure compliance with FCA information technology and data security regulations, Equantiis security awareness training educates staff on what to do in a work setting, and also on general IT security to use in their personal lives. Equantiis experts are able to draw on their knowledge and data to explain in pounds and pence how much an individual’s and firm’s data is worth on the black-market, to better drive home the real and present danger the threat of cyber attack is for everyone.

Our security awareness sessions are extremely interactive and participation is highly encouraged. Our information assurance experts encourage participants to not only ask questions, but to challenge them, their data, their knowledge and the authority of their advice. We find our sessions tend to be the most effective when participants feel confident that their questions, doubts, concerns, and scepticisms have been directly addressed with practical, straight forward answers tailored to address the specifics of their cyber security related queries.

Paul Forrest
Cyber Security is everyone's responsibility. We can train your employees to play their part in defending the organisation.