“The creation and maintenance of a set of information security policies and procedures help your teams to show that the in-place IT and information security practices focus on security and protecting assets.”

Strong and effective policy documentation is a critical asset to any Cyber Security function. The creation and maintenance of strong information security policy and procedures serves multiple functions including:

  1. Establishing a set of standards for how the information security processes are performed.
  2. Ensuring management agree with the documented standards via management approval.
  3. Showing that the processes are current through annual document review and update.
  4. Establishing a set of strong, documented practices that can be shared with customers, vendors and assessors.

At Equantiis, our Consultants boast extensive experience in Information Security with many years in the management of the information security function. By serving in that role, our Consultants understand how important strong information security policy and procedure documentation can be and will help you to develop and maintain your information security documentation.

Using the information security policy development service will help your information security team establish a detailed, documented and approved set of standards and processes, which you can share with your customers, vendors and assessors. These documents will also help you to create a baseline for your information security function that can be used to improve the function as requirements change into the future.

Paul Forrest.
We can support you to ground your policy and procedure in official documentation.