No business can exist without people. This is no secret, but its commonplace for staff members to be treated as numbers – as cogs in the wheel for a functioning machine – rather than perceived as a fundamental part to the existence and continued growth of a business.

Sound familiar?

Any form of meaningful change comes from people. At Equantiis, we empower businesses to think and act differently, working closely with organisations from across a host of industry sectors to identify and resolve complex people-based challenges, resulting in transformative outcomes with cost certainty.

We question everything to help businesses leaders understand what isn’t working, creating a unique People Strategy that not only transforms your internal culture, but re-engages and unites your team in the brand and its purpose; increasing productivity, performance and resulting growth. Proven in multiple business sectors, our People Strategy comprises of four key components:

  • Culture Changes: One of the main reasons that prevents organisations from growing and developing is a negative company culture with reluctance to change. As a fresh-thinking outcome realisation firm, Equantiis thrives on empowering businesses to act differently. It’s not just digital. It’s people. We understand this and we utilise our disruptive approach to work directly with internal teams to showcase the benefits of change, driving transformative outcomes with the support and buy-in from internal stakeholders.
  • Hearts and Minds: Equantiis exists to empower businesses to think and act differently, to question everything and to get the people – the business leader, their senior management and wider team of employees – to unite in the mission, the purpose and future direction of the brand. This isn’t about technology – this is about hearts and minds – the core of the business – instilling positive change and transformative outcomes.
  • Organisational Design: We work with businesses to review their Organisational Design, identifying dysfunctional areas of operations – procedures, processes, workflow and systems – to either realign with or ensure that they meet and can support the goals and future direction of the business. A key part of this process is interviewing and taking the time to understand how staff members operate, where productivity falls and what processes have become inefficient and outdated.
  • Psychometric Behavioural Changes: We use comprehensive Psychometric Behavioural testing to assess and analyse all employees within your organisation, not only ensuring that they are right for your business, but they are also in the right role and maximised to their full potential.