“GDPR is a regulation that is enforced to protect data and privacy regarding EU citizens. GDPR can be an overwhelming exercise to attain and furthermore maintain.”

There are three main categories that dictate whether an organisation must have a data protection officer (DPO), however organisations often benefit from having someone who takes on the DPO role. Some organisations may not find it necessary to have a full time DPO, however an organisation may opt for a virtual DPO.

At Equantiis, we have established our own virtual DPO (v-DPO) service, where we act like an ordinary DPO to attain and maintain compliance in the most pragmatic way.

A v-DPO often conducts work remotely, however, at times may be required to be on-site in order to engage the business better and to undertake specific duties, have strategic meetings and plan or conduct training.

Opting to have a v-DPO will benefit any business who does not have an allocated DPO, saving your organisation time, whilst minimizing the damage caused by non-compliance.

Paul Forrest
Are you still GDPR compliant? Our experts will be able to tell you.