With advancing technologies, growth in disruptive businesses and fundamental changes to customer demands, a clear and effective commercial strategy is vital for the continued success of organisations.

At Equantiis, we know this all too well, having undergone our own transformational process to understand our business values and purpose, creating a fresh-thinking outcomes realisation firm, that empowers businesses to act differently.

In undertaking this process, we not only realised its sheer importance for redefining business purpose, enabling us to break free from the negative constraints of our previous industry sector, resulting in the launch a new era, focused on transformative outcomes with cost certainty.

We fully believe in the power of an effective Commercial Strategy for cementing your market position and driving resulting growth and welcome the opportunity to talk you through each fundamental stage, comprising of:

Market Analysis: A comprehensive review of your industry sector, providing a detailed analysis and quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market, reviewing volume, value, competition and economic environment.

Company Positioning: Following Market Analysis, the Equantiis team will work closely with you to identify your company position, providing insight into how your business fairs against competitors, whilst providing a clear strategy for development and growth.

Definition: In completing both Market Analysis and Company Positioning, Equantiis will help you to clearly define who you are as a business and brand, your purpose, mission and values. Aside from ensuring these values are inherent within your organisation and communicated to your internal stakeholders, this process enables you to hone your target audience and focus on trajectory for growth.